Jun 7, 2010

Be Mine: Fomato Cards

I gave a friend a birthday card that read "You're Old" this weekend. (Full disclosure: it was in all caps and gold, so it looked more like this "YOU'RE OLD.")When I bought it, I thought it was hilarious, but now I'm not so sure. What if birthday-girl-who-surely-no-longer-wants-to-be-my-friend was feeling vulnerable on her birthday and I provoked even more salty tears for her wounds? 
You know, I used to be nice when I first arrived in America. Thinking I need to restock my stationery supplies (and possibly evaluate humor supplies, too) ...

Loving (okay, full disclosure again: LOVING!) the bold graphics, cute characters, educational content, and silly humor of Emmie Hsu's Fomato cards. Each card starts out as with a mini comic-book-style, educational tale about subjects like potatoes, the Nobel Prize, cheese, and wine before revealing—often on the back page—the ultimate purpose of the card: the greeting! The potato and tea cards are especially perfect for my tea-and-potato-lovin' Irish friends and family.  A "celebration of potatoes and your birthday" card would bring only happy tears. Sigh.

$3.95 each at Fomato Cards

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