May 21, 2010

James Vincent McMorrow: If I Had a Boat

This song has been haunting me in a good way since I first heard it yesterday. Listen to the whole song twice and you'll see yourself in black-and-white swaying in a concert crowd, arms and voice outreached to Dublin singer-songwriter James Vincent, feeling the love and power of a crowd of people singing this song together. (If you're a bit mad like me, you'll also see what you are wearing —off-white tunic with crochet inset, cut-offs, suede sandals—and comment to yourself that you look less sweaty and frizzy in black-and-white.)
Sigh, if I had a boat, I'd row it to Ireland to grab a copy of James Vincent McMorrow's debut album, Early in the Morning (it's not available in the States yet). According to McMorrow's site, the album was created in "An isolated house by the sea" and is a completely self-produced and played affair, "Recorded with 1 mic, a room full of beat up instruments, very little engineering knowledge, and a good amount of patience." Don't you love it/him already?

Listen to the album on
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Seriously though, if I was to start rowing now, do you think I'd get to Ireland in time to see him perform at the August Castlepalooza music and arts festival in Tullamore?

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