May 27, 2010

Be Mine: Derek Wilson Ceramics

I need help. I need help justifying $200 on a set of four white mugs on a grey ceramic tray. So far this is what I've got:
  1. They're not just mugs, they're art.
  2. They're art I can put tea in.
  3. I'm so not minimal but a big part of me wishes I could edit myself down to a spare, clean style. Instead of starting over I could just get these minimal-style mugs. Love how they're sturdy and almost austere.
  4. Love drinking tea from spare, minimal, sturdy, and almost austere mugs.
  5. They're made by up-and-coming Belfast-based ceramicist Derek Wilson. How can I in good conscience support Pottery Barn and not Derek Wilson?
  6. I could drink four cups of tea at once.
  7. I've spent $200 on shoes that I only wore once (and then returned); I'd use these every day.
  8. When I'm not drinking tea, I could use them as vases. The tray would be handy for cookies to dip in my tea.
  9. I really need them ...
  10. ... to match the cute pourer and tea-set I also want to buy.

Derek Wilson Ceramics at The Irish Design Shop


Anne said...
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Anne said...

I came across your blog as I was searching for Derek Wilson's website. I already have the pourer, which I love, and I'm intending to drop a few hints about the teapot for my birthday. I don't use the pourer. It's art and it sits on my mantlepiece where I can look at it every day. The shape is elegant and the glaze is beautiful. I like the Japanese feel and I also like that it's such a contemporary piece.

You don't need 10 reasons to buy this. The pleasure of owning and looking is enough.

Jacinta said...

You are so right Anne — Maybe I should e-mail you for shopper-support before I make rationalization lists! Hope you get your teapot! xj

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