Apr 17, 2010

Woolly Crush: Scarisbrick Shrunken Cardigan

I have a crush on a cardigan. I knew it was serious when I was lying in bed this morning cheating on my other cardigans with this one; imagining it with my jeans, as a jacket alternative over pretty dresses, and growing old with me.
It's got the look of an aran sweater I might have worn as a kid, with its chunky knit and traditional cable design, but in this case the Aran-Island knitter flew off to Scotland for a hot-and-woolly affair with a traveling Italian and his stash of 100% Italian wool. They were too busy getting busy to make it full size so it's got a shrunken style with small pockets and three-quarter-length sleeves.
I want this woolly offspring of a highland fling in both iris and dark smoke colors.

Aubin & Wills

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