Apr 20, 2010

Shopping List Tee

I just came across this cute t-shirt from FluffyCo. detailing a classic California shopping list—milk, eggs, cheese, bread, beer, tapatio—in bold black print on a soft organic cotton tee. It reminds me of the t-shirts I had printed two years ago (back when ampersands were cool) listing the ingredients of a jumbo breakfast roll, and the chorus of Pat Shortt's hilarious Jumbo Breakfast Roll song.

I made two shirts; one for my friend Amy who was traveling to Ireland for St. Patrick's day, and—true to my shopping philosophy—one for me. I made Amy's white with green font so she had something festive to wear (and sing) on St. Patrick's Day, and (because I have a green chip on my shoulder) mine was hot pink with navy-blue font. I printed them at Neighborhoodies.

Of course the California shopping list tee is cooler; it's organic cotton, black and white, has that cool papercut font/look, the model has nice jeans, everyone in California has nice jeans, and it has beer in its list of ingredients. Still, mine is hot pink and it says "2 pudding." I love pudding.

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