Apr 3, 2010

My Easter Tea Wish List

I find myself wishing I'd had the strength, nay, the balls to give up tea for Lent this year. Sure, I might have been a small bit of an Antichrist, and everyone around me would have wished I'd taken to the desert, but imagine the tea-buying binge I could now justify?

I'd get this cute house-shaped Tea Cozy ... in every color
from Tas-ka
These angelic mugs
from Kir DeVries

These bake-and-serve Tea Cupcake Molds

I'd spring for some fun teas ...

from Bag Ladies Tea

And maybe even a twelve-month subscription to a Tea Club ...

And to make use of all that tea, I'd need a double-spouted tea-pot and matching cups ...

Oh, and I'd need to replace all the mugs I smashed in Lenten frustration with pretty new cups ...

from Samantha Robinson at Anthropologie
And to make sure I could never afford to give up tea for Lent again (with all these Resurrection-inspired purchases), I'd also stock up on some pretty new tea towels

Sigh, wonder if it's too late to start believing in the Easter Bunny?

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