Mar 1, 2010

Vintage T-shirts for St. Patrick's Day

I'm a big fan of Worn Free's vintage reproduction tees; they're cool, soft, and look like something you scored from a vintage store in the East Village (minus the sweat-stains, moth holes, and rips). In considering t-shirt options for St. Patrick's Day, I remembered these two from Worn Free; love that they are not-your-average-Paddy choices!

If you're looking to punk up your Paddy's Day outfit, you might like this Dublin Sound Studios tee, originally made famous by the "Godfather of Punk," Iggy Pop. It's a cool shirt, and unlike the "I-rish I was Irish" tees everyone else will be wearing, you'll actually wear this one again, and again. Available in black or green. $49.95

Why wear a shamrock when you can wear a dragon? I'm loving this cool dragon shirt originally created by Irish artist, Jim Fitzpatrick for Thin Lizzy frontman, Phil Lynott. Fitzpatrick created tons of cool album covers (including the Chinese dragon imagery for the album Chinatown), flashing logos, black-and-white designs, T-shirts, tour jackets, and photographs in his twelve-year collaboration with Thin Lizzy. It's like your own private nod to Irish music and art. $49.95
Sidenote: If you really want to show off, you might want to let people know that the Fitzpatrick who designed this shirt, is the same Fitzpatrick who designed the infamous t-shirt of Cuban revolutionary, Che Guevara.

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