Mar 3, 2010

Tee and Toast Irish Tees

Mission: Find uncheesy alternatives to Kiss-Me-I'm-Irish tees
Destination: Tee and Toast

I just came across Belfast-based, funky t-shirt brand Tee and Toast, and I'm loving their cute and uncheesy tees. For me, the tee-test is always "Can I wear this on March 18th?", and the answer here is a definite yes, punctuated with a vigorous nod (and a touch-wood for the superstitious who don't take surviving St. Patrick's Day for granted).

I love soda bread so much that it makes absolute sense to advertise it across my chest. Never know, someone might make it for me if I wear this shirt.

I also love potatoes. I like them mashed, roasted, boiled, and fried. I might have to get this shirt in every color (choco, tango, grey, yellow, and green).
No denying the fact that I heart tea, toast, and Fig Rolls, too.

If tea, toast, and fig-roll references are too subtle for you, you might like this Shamrocker shirt. Must wear it with an attitude; must not wear it with a leprechaun hat. Available in tango, black, and two shades of green.

Nice shirts and nice opportunity to support a small Irish business.
All shirts are £ 20.00 (about US$30). I'll definitely be back for a good root around as they have other tees, hoodies, shopping bags, and a ton of fun tea-goodies, too.

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