Mar 18, 2010

Strange Things in Ireland

I just came across a spanking new Irish website dedicated to documenting the "Strange, weird and wonderful things that happen in Ireland today." I was very excited when I first read of it on a press release, and a tad disappointed when I got to the website and saw that it's text only. Now, I have no problem with the written word, but I can just see so much potential for an idea/site like this with photo upload ability. A mix of photos and text would make me visit regularly, maybe even daily.
Busybody that I am, I emailed the site administrator, and would you believe I just got a message back saying they added photo-ability! (Especially amazing, when you consider it's the morning-after Paddy's Day.)

There are not many entries yet, but I liked these ones:
"Irish Public Toilet notice:
‘25c charge. Accepts 10c 20c and 50c coins only. No change given.' "

"Randomness in Dublin was seeing a foxhound running along beside the luas on the way to work the other day and then yesterday a girl got onto the dart with a bucket made completely of wood. Odd!"

"I was in Debenhams in Limerick today. Hilarious. Every single one of the staff ended their sentences with either ‘my love’ or ‘lovey.’ It was said to me three times in the changing rooms and four times at the cash register. I couldn’t keep a straight face!! The WHOLE SHOP was at it!!"
Next time you're wondering what's strange/up/down in Ireland, be sure to check them out:

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