Mar 11, 2010

Six Dollar St. Patrick's Day Shirts

I'm a bit of a purist—some might say a snob, or even a bore—when it comes to St. Patrick's Day style. You won't catch me in a green shirt that says anything about being drunk and Irish (though I am often both). But that's me, and someday—when I have a cup of tea and a chat with Dr. Phil (okay, we might have to live together for six months)—I'll figure out why green beer and cliché Irish shirts rise me so. Until then, I'm pro-style-choice. If you get your kicks from cheesy green drunken-Irish shirts, then, at least let me help you get cheap kicks!

"I want the gold" and "Kiss Me I'm Irish" tux-tee

"Part Irish All Drunk" and "Buy Me A Car Bomb"

My picks: "Paddy's Pub South Philly" and "Don't Get My Irish Up"

Six Dollar Shirts sells affordable "high-quality silk screened t-shirts" as their "gift to you, oh beautiful world!" Yes, their shirts really are $6 each (unless you have boobs, in which case shirts are $6.50 each). They also have a 10-for-$50 offer, so be sure to check out their non-St. Paddy's offerings to really get your money's worth.

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