Mar 4, 2010

Kick Me I'm Irish

I wish I could adopt a speak-no-evil policy when it comes to less desirable Paddy's Day tees, but I can't; It's Lent and I need to feed at least one bad habit. A few weeks ago I saw that Spreadshirt was hosting a St. Patrick's Day t-shirt design competition. I kind of wish I hadn't remembered to check back on the winning designs ...

The 3 winners
Okay, the "see the last snake of Ireland" shirt actually made me laugh (my dirty-old-lady laugh)—it's a good choice for a guy inviting conversation with strangers, and trying to make a bit of money at the same time. I just don't get what's so winning about the other two designs ... I guess the pea-green pin-up appeals to a biker set while the silly beer-shamrock argyle pattern appeals to a bicycle set?

There were so many "great designs submitted to the contest" that Spreadshirt decided to award 3 Honorable Mentions:

The runners-up

So, I can see the immediate appeal in the middle design (for college kids), and I can even sympathize with the notion of vomiting shamrocks. I think the leprechaun design is whatever and nothing new, and the last design—cactus waving to shamrock—is actually kind of cute. I can't see myself ever wearing it, though if someone else was wearing it, I can imagine myself (three pints to the wind) trying to create a story to go with this scene.

Danger! Do not wear zone...
A few other non-options from
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