Mar 15, 2010

Kate Rusby

I almost didn't share folk singer Kate Rusby because, well ... she's not Irish, but her melodies, lyrics, and voice so recall traditional Irish balladry and folk music that I just had to share.
(Sidenote: I didn't just think she was Irish, I was convinced she grew up on a farm in Co. Mayo, that I had seen a picture of her in mucky yellow wellies, and that her brother has a mad-red bushy beard. I have a habit of being convinced of things I know absolutely nothing about. Truth is Kate grew up in South Yorkshire and I have yet to find a picture of her in mucky yellow wellies or with a bushy-bearded brother. Maybe there's a twin in Mayo ...)

She's been singing in my ear every day since I discovered her a few weeks ago (a little behind-the-ball seems as she's been around for fifteen years); her sweet, clear voice was the perfect accompaniment to those few walks I managed when Spring visited briefly last week, and a soothing backdrop to to wild wind and rains of this past weekend.

I'm shuffling her Awkward Annie and Little Lights albums, and favorite songs include Farewell, Bitter Boy, My Young Man, William and Davy, and Who Will Sing Me Lullabies.

Check her out:
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