Mar 3, 2010

Custom Map Collages

The other day I wrote about modern ways to map your heritage, and I thought of this topic again this morning when I found these embroidered map collages by Maine-based interdisciplinary artist, Shannon Rankin. I really love the idea of illustrating the coming together of two people/heritages using vintage maps and embroidery. It would make for a great engagement gift, interesting wedding-stationery design, and a beautiful piece of art in any home.

Rankin creates custom collages so you can commission shapes other than hearts (i.e., hands, heads, feet, etc.) and contact her with specific map and color requests. I love the idea of creating one with multiple connected hearts to represent a family tree—especially a far-flung family like mine with members in different parts of Ireland, America, Australia, and South Africa (using maps from each place). Or, what about a trail of connected hearts to represent all the places you've lived in your life? Makes me want to get crafty with my road maps of Ireland ...
Custom maps are $45—$100.

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