Mar 5, 2010

Hairy Baby Irish T-Shirts

I've been a bit of a Mrs. Tee this week, pitying the fool who'd dress in cheesy Irish shirts, and mostly just thinking it's a pity that there aren't that many interesting tee options for St. Patrick's Day. Well, the pity party is over, thanks to Hairy Baby. Hands down my favorite t-shirt options for St. Patrick's Day ... and every other day, too.
Love the idea of walking into a pub on St. Patrick's Day with a shirt that says "What time is mass?" Also love this original Guaranteed Irish symbol shirt; if you've ever lived it Ireland you'll recognize it as the seal of authentic Irish. It's slapped on Irish products to encourage Irish people to take pride in buying Irish and supporting their own. In short, this tee makes you look authentic, too.
Speaking of authentic, you can't get more authentic than an Irish t-shirt made in Ireland and in Irish language ...

Impress everyone with your grasp of the native tongue by asking if you have permission to go to the bathroom (we always had to ask this in Irish in school!) and four random Irish words (quiet, road, girl, milk) that will be familiar to natives who haven't spoken a word of Irish since childhood.

You can probably guess the translations, but clockwise from top left: Say hello to my little friend; Go ahead, make my day punk; Luke, I am your father, and Are you talking to me? Irish speakers will get a good laugh, and non-Irish will want to buy you a drink (and maybe even your shirt!)

Okay, so I'm tempted to show Hairy Baby's complete collection here, but maybe you should go check them out for yourself. All shirts are EUR 25, available in several colors, and printed in Co. Cork on organic cotton. Great gifts.


Jenji said...

These are the winners! Love them. Can I get away with one if I'm not Irish (or not that I know of)? If I promise to go to Mass?

Jacinta said...

Yes indeed (especially if you throw in a prayer for me!)

Anonymous said...

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