Mar 23, 2010

Des Bishop

I was busy this morning. The last thing I had time for was a laugh, never mind a really good laugh that brought tears to my eyes and drove tea out of my nose. My friend Siobhán sent me a link to one of her cousin Des' bits and it changed my mood and morning (not to mention a tea-stained wardrobe change, too). Yes, my friend's cousin is Des Bishop, which means I'm practically related to Des, which means he'll finger me if he passes me on the road (you'll have to watch his clips if you don't get it!)
Des is funny, smart, and self-deprecating (doubly handy in a routine where you make fun of Irish people/yourself). He's famous in Ireland, infamous with Irish abroad, and kind of non-famous with non-Irish. If you haven't heard of him, you can get started with his YouTube clips. I just watched clips 1—9 of his older Teanga/Tongues series, and got a great kick out his observations on everything from the speed of Irish mass to Irish issues with Americans saying 'Have a nice day!'
I know you're busy, but you need to watch all 9 clips—just don't be drinking hot tea at the same time ...

I'm reminded I need to get my hands on his more recent Desfunctional DVD, and get my act together and check out his Irish language course on his site, too. I was at least on-the-ball enough to get my mother tickets to see him in Western Australia in May ... now I just have to swing flights so I can go, too!


Smbumblebee said...

I love Des! Only wish he would come to Germany for a few gigs (maybe you could pass the message on ...?!). This interview here is also very funny:


Jacinta said...

Love this interview--I feel like I can relate to his observations on Ireland so well now that I am living in the States. Everytime I go home, I see things differently--like the heat being on a timer! I'll tell his cousin Siobhán to tell him that German Siobhán wants him to come to Germany! take care, jac

Jenji said...

Thank you for introducing us to him -- wonderfully funny! And I've learned that I'm not just running late, I'm clearly Irish somewhere down the line!

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