Mar 9, 2010

A Danny Boy Playlist

I went to a St. Patrick's Day Party at a friend's house last year and was subjected to 76 different versions of Danny Boy. There were versions that took me to the edge (of tears), and versions that took me to the ledge, moments the song took me to Galway Bay, and others that felt more Guantanamo Bay. Overall, it was an interesting experiment and an excellent party gimmick.

If you'd like to create a comprehensive Danny Boy playlist, you can find a decent list of recordings of Danny Boy by notable artists on Wikipedia. My two favorite versions are by Sinéad O'Connor and Johnny Cash—both a little raw, world-weary, and sad. Other notable versions are by Christy Moore, Shane MacGowan, Judy Garland, and of course, Elvis, and I love a good instrumental version. Also, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I quite liked Michael McDonald's version on Natalie MacMaster's album.

I pulled together a playlist of thirty versions of Danny Boy (just the tip of the iceberg) on Amazon, if you'd like to be a one-trick-DJ at your St. Patrick's Day Party. Trust me, your friends will be talking about it for days, and singing about it for weeks!

And here's Sinéad O'Connor singing along to Davy Spillane's Uileann pipes (close your eyes to cheesy slideshow and just listen):


Caitlin said...

Eva Cassiday also did a lovely version. This is a fun post. Thanks!

Jacinta said...

Thanks Caitlin. yes, Eva Cassidy did a lovely version—love her voice—and I have it in my list of thirty above!

Caitlin said...

Spotify & Tourism Ireland have teamed up to promote the ultimate St Patrick’s Day playlist. Cast your vote to help your favourite artist reach number one!(

There is the chance to win a weekend away in Dublin for any UK residents who vote or submit a song. The playlist will be closed to entries on Sunday 14 March and the top artist will be announced on St Patrick's Day – so get voting!

Mike said...

Hi Jacinta,

A search for Danny Boy lyrics, specificallly the Michael McDonald/Natalie MacMaster version brought me to your site. Just wondering why you "can't believe" you quite like this version of Danny Boy. Always interested to hear a different perspective.



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