Mar 18, 2010

Bits of My St. Patrick's Day

I had originally planned to go to the Irish Famine Memorial and then to take in a bit of the parade, but the arse fell out of my plans, and instead, I found myself celebrating St. Patrick's Day the way most of my friends and family at home did—as a day off!

I went for a long walk and then did a little knitting and practiced tin whistle ...

I sat outside in the Spring sunshine with my cat and inhaled the salt-and-vinegar Taytos and Irish magazines my friend brought from home the other night.

I spotted some buds stretching out from under the blanket of leaves (that not so long ago were buried under a blanket of snow) and stretched my stubby toes to the sun with them.

I had hoped my last picture of the day would involve a pint of Guinness and maybe bangers and mash with a drop of gravy but [so much for the "luck of the Irish"] I couldn't get into any of the Irish bars in my neighborhood. Forgot to dye my hair green. I'll spare you the photo of me eating gnocchi in my flannels.

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