Feb 26, 2010

The Irish T-Shirt Shop

How I wish Stacy and Clinton would devote an episode of What Not To Wear to What Not to Wear on St. Patrick's Day. I guess I can see why they don't; it's pretty easy to point out what not to wear on Paddy's Day, but who the hell knows what you should wear?

The best and easiest choice is probably a t-shirt. I've had t-shirts made in the past, and if I can get my act together in time this year I'll do the same. Still, I always like to see if there are any new alternatives to the Kiss-Me-I'm Irish standby—they make good gifts.

I found The Irish T-shirt Shop this morning and I'm liking their shirts featuring popular Irish phrases and slang. Here are a few of my favorites (all about $18.50 and available in green or white):
Love this Eejit shirt—"Eejit" means idiot (you can also buy a "Feckin Eejit" shirt). An Irishman walks into the bar" references the first line of every Irish joke. Besides, where else would he be going?

"Suckin' Diesel" is a common slang for "doing well," i.e., "How'r'ye now?" "Ah sure I'm suckin' diesel." "Póg mo thóin" is Irish for "kiss my arse!"
"How's she cuttin?" means "how's it going?" "Nuns! Nuns! Reverse! Reverse!" is a classic line, taken from hugely popular and hilarious Irish TV show, Father Ted. You don't have to be a Father-Ted fan to find it funny, though!



Smbumblebee said...

Hi, have you heard of the Hairy Baby company? They do great T-Shirts with some hilarious designs: http://www.hairybaby.ie

Jacinta said...

hey thanks, love Hairy Baby and will definitely be posting a few faces! jac

Wasted Heroes Clothing said...

Thanks for the post Jacinta!

I'm Russell from the Irish t-shirt shop. Really like your blog.

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