Jan 12, 2010

With Aran, It's All in the Styling

I saw this aran sweater over at Urban Outfitters this morning, and now I'm inspired to take the moth balls out of mine and put it to work in my winter rotation of woollies. You really can't beat aran when it comes to keeping the wind off your back, but as styled here, it works best with a bare chest. I'm going to recreate this exact look; Yes, I'll have itchy moth-ball-scented boobs, and yes, there's a decent chance I'll get bronchitis going out without a shirt, but at least I can keep a tub of Vicks in my woolly pocket ... and I won't look wholesome.

(Sidenote: It's hard to wear aran without looking friendly and wholesome, and wholesome is not a look you want to go for, at least in New York. I was once told "ugh, you're so f**king wholesome!" by a drug-addicted coworker—I think because I always said good morning, but it could have been my aran hat. I'm still wounded—perhaps further proof that I'm wholesome. Sigh.)

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