Jan 12, 2010

Tea and a Thought:
My Ghost of Christmas Future?

I was at a party Saturday evening where I met a lovely green woman; she wore a bright green sweater, and dark green pants, accented with large Claddagh earrings tugging heavily on her lobes and a pretty shamrock-harp-and-cross bracelet clinging lightly to her wrist. Using skills honed over years of matching celebrity lips to celebrity hips, I immediately partnered this vision of green to the aran scarf and hat hanging in the hall closet, and imagined her shamrock teapot and turtlenecks at home.
I couldn't but wonder where she was from.
I also couldn't but wonder if—it being one day shy of the official end of the Christmas season—this lovely woman wasn't a Ghost of Christmas Future!
See, the longer I am away from home, the more I see myself needing to wear my Irishness on my sleeve, perhaps in a desperate attempt to cling to my identity. I have only to look to my list of resolutions for 2010, and the fact that "Irish Resolutions" warrants a page of its own, to wonder if I am starting to try too hard. I have resolved to work on my Irish language and music skills, try lots of Irish recipes, drink as much Guinness as I can, stay up on Irish news, and keep my bookshelf busy with old and new Irish literature this year, but does all this "Irish" resolving make me more or less Irish?
I guess we'll see at the end of the year.
It's some comfort to know that in the future I look lovely in bright green, but maybe I should add some West African dance classes to my list to keep things uncheesy ...

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