Jan 28, 2010

Meet The New Additions To The Family!

I just got back from a trip to Ireland for a family funeral and while it wasn't appropriate to take pictures of family or friends, I do have a few photos of the latest additions to the family. It was often easier to turn our attention, eyes, and conversations to these lively little creatures than to the less lively reason we were all home ...

My Uncle's Fancy Fowl

I'm not sure if my uncle got a little carried away in his attempts to keep up with the Joneses—or rather, the McMahons—or if exotic poultry is the hot trend for Spring in rural Ireland, but instead of boring brown egg-layers wandering the farm, I found an Indian Blue Peacock and Peahen and a few fancily-feathered French Hens!

Calf No. 1
The arrival of a new calf was always a big event in my childhood; I remember the mournful lowing, the sound of rubber wellies slapping back and forth outside the cabin (hoping there'd be no need for the vet), and, when everything was going well, being allowed to see the calf make his way into the world—front feet and head first. I was very excited to meet the latest arrival, though a bit saddened to see the calves are no longer named but numbered, no doubt a repercussion of hands-off robotic milking. I would have called this one Aunty Nun.

If I could have sneaked this fella through Customs, he'd be wreaking havoc in Brooklyn right now. Bertie is my older brother's Miniature Yorkshire Terrier puppy, so named because Bertie rhymes with my brother's nickname—Gurtie, and in mock homage to Ireland's recently resigned Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern. Our Bertie has a fetish for feet (and a collection of my socks), he doesn't go out for a pee—he goes "for a smoke," and much like his political namesake, the only way you'd get this rascal pup to sit still for a minute would be to plamaus him with a few treats (and maybe, blank checks). Such a cute little hoor!


Kate said...

Well, I am very sorry about the reason that you had to go home but I absolutely love your photos. What precious creatures! Bertie, AuntieNun, and ...wow... a peacock! Thinking of you!

Charlotte Lavish said...

I am loving that fancy fowl.

Jacinta said...

The peacock really is a beauty, and you should see his mating dance! As he prepares to unfold his feathers for the peahen, he rather violently shakes his rump up and down like a polaroid picture, aha shake it baby doll, shake it on the floor (you get the idea!). Thinking more Irish farmers should be learning about mating rituals from this fowl creature than from the stud bulls brought in to impregnate the cows!

Jenji said...

Jac, I'm so sorry about the funeral... but you manage to find a bright spot with these fabulous funny pictures! Aunty Nun the calf shall be, no number. And the peacock! Surely he has a name now too? Should we call it Andre?

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