Dec 16, 2009

Keep Calm and Drink Card

I attended a nutrition workshop last night where our speaker suggested ways to cut back on caffeine intake. It was funny because earlier in the day I had been pondering ways to streamline my tea-drinking process so as to squeeze more caffeine into my day (move my desk into the kitchen? invent a remote-controlled kettle? move to India?). Even worse, I was printing out several copies of this cute—and free!—card from Whisker Graphics, encouraging others to drink, too!
Head over to the Whisker Graphics blog and download your own free copy of this card. Then print it out, add a fancy tea bag, and send it off to a friend in need of a calming cuppa. I'll send one to my mother to tell her to stay calm, have a cup of tea, your Christmas card is coming. One to my sister, who is feeling guilty this season for facilitating a canine suicide (of her mother-in-law's dog) earlier in the year. I'll also deliver one to my friend Jessica who is waiting on British Airways to get a conscience.
Okay, I'll put the kettle on ...

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Kate said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing!

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