Dec 18, 2009

Homemade Magazine

Ireland is hopping on the handmade bandwagon it seems with the debut earlier this week of Homemade. It's the pet project of Irish chef, media presenter, and writer, Clodagh McKenna, and, according to the website, it "invites us into Clodagh's kitchen to make delicious homemade foods and be a guest around the table with some of her favorite artisan food producers." She also offers homemaking advice, her top tips for gifting, arts and crafts, interiors, and travel.

I'm kind of surprised she went the magazine-route instead of creating a lifestyle TV series or an online magazine, but as a magazine consumer who finds that many of her favorite magazines have failed or sold their souls, I'm rooting for it. If Homemade keeps it real and attainable (with the required hint of luxury and escape), it'll feed into the public's current recession-encouraged desire/need to make their own food, clothes, gifts, etc. Also, by spotlighting Irish businesses, it'll encourage people to support Irish entrepreneurs and buy Irish—a magazine after my own heart!

I've contacted Clodagh's press rep for more details, and will write more once I have more details and a copy in hand (hint to my sister!), so watch this space!

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