Dec 27, 2009

David Kitt's The Big Romance: Best Irish Album of the Decade?

The web, telly, and radio, are flooded with "best of the noughties" type content this weekend, and I'm reading them all knowing I've probably missed a thing or three-hundred the past ten years. Rather than list the required Top Ten albums of the decade, KD over at MP3Hugger (an indie mp3 blog based in Dublin) decided to focus on declaring the Best Irish Album of the Decade. Their pick was The Big Romance by David Kitt.
Now, I can understand feeling I'd missed something if they'd created a Top 100, or even, Top 10 of the Decade, but it seems I really haven't been spending enough time nosing at the window when I'm not familiar with this ONE pick! How lame am I? I've not only never heard of this album, I've never heard of David Kitt either!

Why The Big Romance stole MP3 Hugger's heart and title:
"...this was an album that I happened upon rather than seeking it out. We had decamped to Sydney for a few months and I had found this record shop that was selling ridiculously cheap CD’s and the primary colours of this album just stood out. The songs contained within revealed themselves slowly, the overriding soft focus slowly giving way to low slung melodies and deft instrumentation. The songs work best in the context of the album and as such it can be difficult to pick out an individual effort that would persuade newbies towards its gentle glory. Personal trauma involving the self same romance would soon rob Kitt of his mojo and his subsequent albums have been hit and miss affairs. The Dubliner is just better wired for writing music about bright love rather than its lost equivalent. Small moments rarely sound this good."
Sadly, I didn't just miss this album; I missed it by almost a decade! In my defense, I suppose I wasn't thinking the best Irish album of the decade would be sneakily released the second year of the new bloody decade (and the same year the first cloned cat was born!) Anyway, I'll beat myself up later; right now I need to download, listen to, and LOVE The Big Romance before its big decade ends.

Song from Hope St. (Brooklyn, NY), The Big Romance
Buy The Big Romance
Check out David Kitt's website
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shavono said...

I just watched the video for "No Truth in your Eye." It's very strange.

Jacinta said...

Ok, I just watched it too! Lots of naked people—exposed nether regions and all—and the camera zooming in on their belly buttons. I can't be sure if it's deep or creep? It's from his latest album (The Nightsaver), and according to MP3 Hugger, his latest stuff is not so worthy so I haven't rushed to catch up. Also, skipping straight to the naked video is like having Mr. Kitt take his kit off before we've even been properly introduced. Ahem, I'm not that kind of girl.
The videos from his earlier albums are less...well, naked. I don't have a problem with the wobbly bits per se; it's more the belly buttons!
Now that I'm caught in a video-watching loop, I've realized that I do indeed know David Kitt. I heard "You Know What I Want To Know" ( when I was home and thought it was kind of annoying. I do like Song From Hope St (maybe because of the line, "And there's one more hour in my day and that's alright"), so I'm holding out hope for the rest of that album.
If anyone else wants to skip straight to naked, you can see Shavono's video pick on Vimeo:

Jacinta said...

Ps. I just added the very not-naked video for Song from Hope St.

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