Dec 30, 2009

Dan Walsh Knows My Laugh Spot

I've been a fan of Irishman, Dan Walsh's, GarfieldMinusGarfield webcomic for ages; I hate fat orange talking cats and much much prefer reading into the existential angst of Jon Arbuckle in the Garfield-free strips. I sporadically check in on Walsh's other blogs, too; Travors—his personal blog, and Doodlepipski—the blog where he collects a smattering of webcomics purely for my amusement. I popped in for a quick visit this morning, and had a chuckle at these three finds (click to zoom):

Well, we'll do that next year
Doodlepipski VIA Nedroidcomics

Where leprechauns really come from ...
Doodlepipski VIA Space Avalanche

Eat the pudding, eat the pudding, eat the pudding!
VIA Travors

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Travors said...

Glad you're a fan and please keep on coming back too, I'll have a cuppa on the brew for you ;)

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