Nov 13, 2009

They Must Be Irish: Isobel And Cleo

For a small country, Ireland has a very big head. See, we believe that behind every good person is a great Irish granny... it's cocky, but it's also usually true (Barack Obama, Princess Diana, Muhammad Ali, John Wayne, etc.).
Maybe that will explain why I was so forward as to write to Scotland-based designer, Isobel and Cleo, to force her to confront her Irish roots/confirm me as a long-lost cousin. I mean, how could the maker of such truly exceptional high-drama couture knitwear garments and accessories not be Irish?

These knitted fringe high waist Irish linen trousers, are begging to be flung wildly about to an Irish jig. And how could you not have passionate Irish blood–or at least, gallons of strong Irish tea—coursing through your veins to design such a high-drama, high-fashion, and yet, highly-practical jacket like the "Utterly Intense and Time Consuming Cropped Layered Rectangle Jacket," worn above with the Irish Jig pants. (Love that the detachable hand-knit fringe collar can be worn separately as a scarf.)Sigh! The elegant and feminine angora racerback tank ... the funky knit tights ... the woolly-wonderful knit shirt-dresses ... the inspired "Granny 'Fro Balaclava!"

Pray tell Isobel and Cleo, do you have an Irish Granny?

"Unfortunately I am not of any kind of Irish descent that I am aware of, BUT I am a big fan of all things Irish; I work part time at an Irish pub, lived near a city full of Irish descendants in the states—Boston, I'm ALWAYS falling in love with Irish boys, and one of my closest friends in Scotland just got engaged to an Irish guy!" —Isobel and Cleo
I'm clinging to "that I am aware of"...and lining up all single males in the family!

Note to boring Irish knitwear Industry: employ/adopt Isobel and Cleo now before they take you down!

Isobel and Cleo's Shop

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