Nov 28, 2009

Love Olive

I came across the Love Olive brand while slip-jigging the blogosphere this morning, and while I don't love olives, I do love Love Olive's design and packaging. I usually kick the olives out of the way of the cheese on my Greek salad, but the gorgeous earthy olive colors and textures, and vibrant typography of Love Olive's packaging looks good enough to eat (that I'd be tempted to try the contents, too!)

Based in Glenavy, Co. Antrim, Love Olive is a new brand for Ireland's biggest olive wholesaler, supplying the finest olives and Mediterranean foods to trade, and directly through their retail outlets in Derry and Dublin. Love Olive's daunting mission is to educate the notoriously unadventurous Irish palate:

"For years my Love Olive colleagues and I have heard people up and down the country say, ‘I don’t like olives, they’re awful’, when we’ve tried to tempt them at various farmers’ markets. Nine times out of ten, these good folk have never even tried an olive and have their minds fixed on not liking this most fantastic, versatile and healthy food. Being people who love a challenge, and who believe passionately about the quality of our product, we don’t let this deter us.
Quite simply, we believe that we have an olive for everyone, and we just need people to bring an open mind and a willing heart to the taste table."

I wish Love Olive was selling their goods online so I could stock up on some beautifully packaged jars of gourmet olives to give as unique Irish hostess gifts this Holiday season. I'll definitely be looking for them next time I'm home ... or sending my sister out to the shops and post office this week!

For tips on olive-loving and store locations, visit Love Olive's website

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