Nov 10, 2009

Irish Farmers Take It Off For 2010 Calendar

I have a feeling it's going to be an off year for sales of calendars like Irish Castles, Irish Cottages, and Irish Pub Fronts, and I wouldn't be surprised if sales of NYC Firefighters 2010 suffer, too! Why? Promising 100% Irish Beef, The 2010 Irish Farmers Calendar is now on sale, and it features some strapping Irish Farmers strutting their pasty white bellies and muck-covered wellies to support Bóthar, an organization that gives farm animals to needy families in third-world countries.
These lads might be more interested in the breed composition of the Irish sheep population, but they have bred a new definition of sexy with their wax-free, tan-free, and ab-free physiques, and smouldering sensitive-with-a-shovel looks!

Mr. February sips tea in a meadow

Mr. March listens to his iPod in the barn

Mr. April checks on the latest liver fluke forecast in the Farmer's Journal

Mr. September serenades a sow in the hay

While our three December lads set off to turn turf and fetch the cows

Great stocking stuffer, office-gift, or gift for the Ireland-lover in your life.
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Jennifer said...

Brilliant! But do Irish farmers not get a classic "farmer's tan"? Or is it just different shades of pale?

Jacinta said...

The Irish farmer's tan is a fetching pasty-white-and-piglet-pink combo!

Jennifer said...

Fetching indeed! At least they've got roses in their various cheeks.

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