Oct 6, 2009

Spotlight: Love Lambie

The trees on my street are flirtily shrugging off their leaves to fully embrace Fall's crisp breezes; I'm less affectionate, reaching for flannel, corduroy, wool, and Rogaine (for body hair) to help my body adjust to the sun's sudden disinterest in my patch of earth. I sometimes wonder if–back in the day–Mother Earth instructed the trees to shake off their leaves so that bare-assed Adam and Eve could craft them into clothing, in a Project-Genesis "make it work" kind of way. I imagine Eve asking Adam if her butt looked big in oak leaves, and Adam abandoning Eve, and leaves, when he discovered sheep...and wool.

Like the original Adam, I'm drawn to sheep and wool, especially this time of year, so you can imagine how excited I was to discover the woolly wonders of Dublin's Love Lambie.
I mean, how cute are these "Lambie Loves Ewe" sheep mittens?

And this "Love Your Lamb" aran-wool hat...

And what of these fabulous fingerless mittens/wrist-warmers? Love Lambie created them especially to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Guinness. Apparently, their studios are only minutes from the Guinness brewery where the black nectar hops are brewed daily, so it can be safely assumed that these mittens have Guinness in their fibres!
(With so many New York bars serving Guinness chilled these days, I'm thinking it'd be handy to have a pair of these wrist-warmers stashed in my handbag. Can't wait to say "my goodness my mittens!" when I produce them from my bag.)

Find Love Lambie's untacky knitbits at LoveLambie.etsy.com


LoveLambie said...

My Goodness Me! This is Lovelambie here, I am blown over by this wonderful article - thank you sooo much for the amazing comments and coverage. Sending you a huge "go raibh maith agat" from Dublin :)

LoveLambie said...

PS Jacinta...If you'd like to get yourself something from Lovelambie just contact me and I'll sort you out with a discount ;P

Kleinbery said...

Isn't it sacrilege to serve chilled Guinness?

Hope all is well with you and the family! We miss you!

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