Oct 19, 2009

Irish Barm Brack: Take 1!

I didn't have pumpkin puffs, shrunken heads in cider, or eye-popping soup for Halloween as a kid in Ireland, but I did have Barm Brack. I'll tell you more about this divine–and divining–food in the next day or so; for now, I'll share a few photos from my first attempt at baking it this weekend...

The most important step in making barm brack is to soak the
raisins and sultanas overnight in brewed black tea and sugar.
Turns out, I was quite talented at this first and most important step,
producing a tasty brew of fat and juicy raisins.
Thank you, thank you.

I was careful when mixing in the flour and egg
so as not to burst those plump and prize-worthy raisins.

When my loaf first came out of the oven,
I slapped myself on the back;
it looked good and smelled delicious.

Then I cut it...

The crispy golden shell hid a mushy center...

I ate it anyway.
I wouldn't recommend eating mushy-center cake.

Those perfect sultanas and raisins deserve a perfect bread to lie in.
I'm soaking a fresh batch right now in preparation for the next episode of
Irish Barm Brack: Take 2!

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