Oct 23, 2009

Good Mood Food:
Get Yer Gloves On Naked Chef!

It seems that everyone around me is on some kind of a special diet; everything from low-fat, low-sodium, organic, and vegetarian, to soy, sugar-conscious, gluten-free, and dairy-free. I've been feeling a bit boring with my I'll-eat-anything-you-land-in-front-of-me diet so I've decided to make a change; from now on, I will only eat food that puts me in a good mood.
Luckily, I just came across The Good Mood Food Blog, written by Irish twenty-something, Donal Skehan. Donal started his food blog in 2007, when he moved into his first apartment, as a way of keeping track of the meals he was cooking. He documented his kitchen adventures, posted them online, and before long, had a loyal following and a book deal (and surely, the reality show will soon follow).
Mr. Skehan is a handy photographer and a dab hand in the kitchen, favoring simple, delicious, healthy, home-cooked food, served with a friendly voice:

"Unfortunately thanks to my hangover a few weeks ago, after one or two many Mojito's, it was not a pleasant experience pouring the rum into this recipe at 8am yesterday... I'm glad I did, because this dish was packed with really tasty flavors. I served the breasts with couscous, but it would also go really nicely with a crisp green salad." –D.S.
"Even my just about overripe Avocado, is one of the true underrated super foods- It's packed with essential fatty acids, Vitamin K and antioxidants- it also makes a lovely face mask! (But you didn't hear that from me...) Radish's are often linked to aiding digestive problems and are beneficial for the teeth and gum's- So overall this salad is packed with nutrition and is a perfect Good Mood Food recipe! "–D.S.

"OK I KNOW I KNOW THIS IS MEANT TO BE A HEALTHY BLOG! But this recipe is not my fault, I made it to cheer someone up! I could play on that whole chocolate is good for you crap but realistically, there are no health benefits to this at all. They do taste great and sure your grand once you eat things like this in moderation!" –D.S.

It must also be addressed that he is a bit of a droolworthy dish himself!
Hugh Grant + Jamie Oliver + dash of Colin Farrel
+ boy next door + custard = Donal Skehan

He looks good, he cooks good, and oh–did I mention he's a pop star? Yep, his band, Industry, is cooking these days, too. This is their latest video, In Your Arms, and I guess it doesn't hurt that he can whip up some tortured-lover faces as well as some tasty-looking mini beef and mushroom pies.

I've always said that the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach...

His blog: GoodMoodFoodBlog
His book: Good Mood Food Book
His band: Industry

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