Sep 5, 2009

Spotlight: Alan Clarke

I never know what to say when I'm standing in a Chelsea art gallery; I'm afraid that by gushing about the fire extinguisher mounted on the wall, I'll expose myself for the art moron/Rescue Me fan that I am, so I just nod, and walk.
I'd have trouble zipping it though, if I was looking at the imaginative work of Irish illustrator, Alan Clarke.

I might start by saying I'm in awe of A.C. (leaving the snooty gallery receptionist to wonder if I am on intimate terms with Mr. Clarke). Then I'd say that his work has a Tim Burton-esque, dark, magical quality with a mysterious and macabre Series of Unfortunate Events/Edward Scissorhands sense of humor, which I particularly enjoy.
[I'd act out the "Edward Scissorhands" part with my unscissorlike fingers.]

Finally, I'd share that I can stare at one of his illustrations for hours, picking out all the minute details and characters he incorporates into them.

That, or I'd just say, "I'm in awe," and move on.

You can find more of Alan Clarke's work at on his website
Warning: you might get lost there for awhile.

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