Sep 22, 2009

A Nod to Sharon Shannon

World Renowned Clare musician Sharon Shannon was honored by Clare County Council yesterday afternoon, in recognition of her contribution to music in Ireland and around the world, so I thought I'd take a minute and tip my hat to Sharon, too, seems as her music so often serves as a backdrop to my day.

Addressing those gathered at Aras Contae and Chláir in Ennis yesterday, Co. Clare Mayor Tony Mulcahy said: “By demonstrating her most wonderful talent as an accordionist, Sharon has brought great acclaim to the Irish traditional music scene, County Clare, and those who have had the pleasure of working with her down through the years. Sharon’s versatility as a musician is one of her most outstanding traits and is widely recognized by the global music industry.

Sharon's music is a must on any Irish music playlist; her self titled 1993 album remains the best selling album of traditional Irish music ever released, and over the years she has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the Irish and Global Music Industry, including Bono, Sinead O'Connor, Jackson Browne, John Prine, Steve Earle, The Chieftains, The Waterboys, Willie Nelson, Nigel Kennedy, Alisson Krauss, and Shane MacGowan.

Her new album Saints And Scoundrels is due for release this Friday, September 25th. It's a mixture of original instrumentals composed by Sharon, and also features contributions from Imelda May, Shane MacGowan, the classic Waterboys line-up of 1989 reunited, Jerry Fish, Cartoon Thieves, and many more. One of the instrumentals, Cape Clear, features in the new Neil Jordan movie Ondine in which Sharon stars as herself alongside Colin Farrell. This will be premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2009.

Oh how I wish I'd never dismantled that button accordion Santa brought me all those years ago...


Katie H. said...

I just tuned in to her myspace page. I really like her music! what album do you recommend for a first time listener?

Jacinta said...

I would definitely start out with her self-titled 1993 album, Sharon Shannon (you can find it on Amazon or iTunes; It has a lot of her best songs on it, my faves being Blackbird and Coridinio. I never know how I'm going to react to her music; I either hop and skip and kick around the place or I just stop in awe at what she can do! Enjoy! xxj

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