Sep 28, 2009

Luxurious Irish-Style Shawl and Pin

I saw this luxurious hand knit alpaca and Peruvian pure wool shawl/wrap fastened with a wood pin on Tickled Pink Knit's store today on etsy, and it struck me as a clean, modern, and elegant version of the traditional/old-fashioned Celtic shawl and brooch.

Much as I'd love to fasten my shawls with the ornate Tara Brooch, created in about 700 AD and housed in the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin, I have to say I really love the simplicity of this wood design. The shawl is available in 24 gorgeous shades like Thistle, Atlantic Mist, Dark Indigo, Hyacinth, Lichen, and Oak.
I love/want/need this blue one...
Each $146 shawl comes with a complimentary Surina wood shawl pin. Great gift.


shavono said...

You could totally make that! The shawl, I mean, not the broach.

Jacinta said...

Why do I feel like Peruvian pure wool is too good for my unpure needles? But you know, I think you're right! Maybe I will... (or maybe YOU will for me?)

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