Sep 12, 2009

Get A Shillelagh Under Yer Arm!

I sometimes think my Irish-American cousins are more Irish than me; they have shamrock tea-towels and tattoos (and possibly, underwear), they know the words to every Wolfe Tones song written, they collect Waterford Crystal, and wear matching Claddagh rings, pendants, and earrings.
Sometimes my toes curl at their cliche "Irishness," other times I've felt threatened and bought myself some "Irish Pub Songs" CDs, but occasionally (like when my cousin Sean turns into a leprechaun after a few pints), I wish I had a big stick to ungently beat some sense into them.

This genuine handmade Irish shillelagh would be an excellent–and ironic–stick for just those occasions. Each stick is harvested from specimens of stout blackthorn wood in remote areas of County Wicklow, Cork, and Kerry, hand-sanded and lacquered with a high-gloss finish, and topped off with a copper tip.

(You know, I'd originally pegged this stick as the perfect gift for the Ireland enthusiast, but the more I think about it the more I feel I need one in my handbag; it'd be handy for fighting off fellow shoppers in a sample sale, a great walking aid the next time I get lost looking for Strawberry Fields in Central Park, and maybe, just maybe, I'd have a better chance at a seat on the subway with this baby under my arm.)
Get yours at Hammacher Schlemmer ($49.95)

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