Aug 7, 2009

What To Wear: Ireland-Appropriate Handbags

I brought my new Hayden-Harnett lush leather handbag home with me last December to show off to my friend Gráinne, and instead I showed myself up by getting upset (okay, hysterical) when we got caught in a Heavenly downpour, and my lovely Hayden-Harnett got all water-stained. Moral of the story: Show off indoors.
Brooklyn Industries Bags, $19-$74

I'm a huge fan of Brooklyn Industries bags; they're stylish, affordable, roomy, protected under a lifetime warranty, and most of them are made from a waterproof canvas! In short, they're Ireland-worthy. If you're anyway decent, you'll leave your B.I. bag to a friend/relative/stranger in Ireland; stuff that says "Brooklyn" on it is very cool (this has more to do with Beckham's young fella named Brooklyn than the fact that I live here.)

While you might be occasionally abused with a breeze fierce enough to put hair on your chest, you can be fairly assured that you won't get a hurricane when you visit Ireland. Still, if you like to prepare for the worst and look your best at the same time, you can't beat this Hurricane Tote. It's a sleek leather and canvas tote equipped with a very handy and cool removable "umbrella" pouch (which could double as a "practical shoes pouch" for after the disco). I'd be prayin' for rain with this bag.

eBay's a good source for Kiely stateside

Lately I've been more taken with Dublin-born Orla Kiely's gorgeous leather handbags than her laminated offerings, but there's nothing like a recession to bring out the practical (or bank robber) in you. Kiely's laminated bags are cheery, water-and-Guinness-proof, more expensive than Brooklyn Industries–but also more collectible, and you get bonus points for supporting an Irish designer.

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