Aug 22, 2009

Spotlight: Sinéad Lough

I'm always looking for a new Irish potter to crush on; It helps me focus my shopping time when I visit home, gives my family a gift-focus when they're coming to visit me (me: "oh, really you shouldn't have!" them: "but you told us to!"), and allows me to brag about Irish design to friends on this side of the Atlantic.
Lately, I'm crushing on the beautiful ceramic handthrown pots and bowls of Sinéad Lough, a ceramic artist based in the Dingle peninsula, Co. Kerry. Her works possess a simple, earthy elegance, and they're decorated in bright beautiful colors, evocative of her West Kerry surroundings.

I wish I'd had a chance to swing down to Dingle to visit her cute little workshop on my last visit home; I love the idea of seeing the artist at work, buying straight from the [discounted] source, and...well, there's always the hope that some elf-workshop-magic will rub off on me, and I'll be able to make my own beautiful pottery...

If you are planning a visit to Kerry, be sure to stop in Dingle; Sinéad's workshop would be a great off-the-beaten-track travel experience, and an even better shopping experience. (I'll take a set of mugs, a teapot, and a cute little milk and sugar bowl set, thanks very much.)

If you can't make it to Dingle, you can find Sinéad Lough's wares at the The Irish Design Shop.

P.S. Don't be overly precious with Irish pottery; sure, it looks great on the shelf, but it looks even better put to use on the table.

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being cheap never tasted so good said...

These are beautiful! I second the crush.

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