Aug 31, 2009

Spotlight: Ememem

I never knew there were bears in Galway, but it seems the most adorable little bears have been hiding out with their rabbit friends in Galway, having secret picnics, collecting little crystal treasures, and enjoying cups of tea.

"My favourite things?" bear thoughtfully repeated my question "Apart from raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens?" he giggled "I do like all of that, of course, and also warm woollen mittens and brown paper packages tied with strings. But, if you ask me seriously... I really like honey and lemon! And how they come together in a tea."

I am seriously smitten with these charming felted bears, created by etsy seller Ememem, in Galway. The bears have a pin at their backs so they can be worn as a brooch, but I would want my bears to sit on my desk, or hide in my pocket and travel along with me about my day.

The bears are created by Emily and Tom (Emily felts and Tom writes the imaginative stories behind each bear), a young married couple living in Galway. I've been checking their site, Karmatank, from time to time for even more adorable photos and illustrations of the bears and their antics, and the creative couple's own story is actually quite charming, too (she was in Latvia, he was in Ireland...they met virtually first...liked each other a lot...set a date to meet physically...short story long–thump thump thump–they were engaged four months after their first shy awkward date and married six months after happily ever after now). You can tell the colorful little bears come from a happy den.

The bears retail for $37, and ship everywhere for $4. Great gift.

P.S. Ememem owes it to the world to immediately get started on books, t-shirts, and movies featuring these personable little rascals.

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