Aug 25, 2009

Aran: Wool You Be Mine?

Every Irish or Irish-American wardrobe has at least one Aran jumper/sweater of undyed cream-colored wool. It's aired once a year, usually on St. Patrick's Day, and if you're over the age of fifty, it's paired with an Aran tea-cosy hat and rosy cheeks.
Sure, Aran is warm and it's weatherproof, but does anyone outside of Antarctica need to look that fat to be warm?
I keep hoping some young Irish knitwear brand will bring the iconic Aran jumper into the twenty-first century by streamlining the knit, adding funky hardware–think zips, studs, and chains–perhaps, and generally just sexin'-up the auld sweater a bit.
I just took up knitting again after (ahem) a twenty-year hiatus, so it might be a few months/years before I can pick up enough steam/stitches to revolutionize the Aran industry.

For now, here are a few Aran tips and swaps, should you find yourself itching for Aran this winter:

1. Cut Your Losses
Shop the swap: Built By Wendy

2. You can run, but you can' t hide
Shop the swap: Free People

2. Dress the part, not the clich
Shop the swap: a chic and sexy cashmere cable knit dress from Paul & Joe

Coming soon: upcycle those bulky Aran sweaters!

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