Jul 12, 2009

What to pack for a trip to Ireland

Most Irish people joke that “you don’t come to to Ireland for the weather,” or “if you could only put a roof on the country, it’d be perfect.” Thing is, the weather is exactly what makes Ireland worth visiting, and dare I say, perfect. The people have been rained upon on a daily basis for their entire lives, and this has generated an easy water-off-a-duck’s-arse attitude to everything (imagine how hard it is to be hot and bothered when you’re cold and soggy?) The rain is also responsible for the lush green grass, the moody grey skies, and the fact that there is never a want for conversation.
I was just home in May, and while my heart and soul was packed for a trip to Ireland, my suitcase was packed for Miami. If I was to stop and analyze myself, I'd see that with every trip home the past few years, I’ve grown increasingly optimistic/delusional; I pack for the weather I want, not for the weather I’ll get.
The weather I’ll get is rain––light rain, torrential rain, scattered showers, soft rain, drizzles, or threatened rain. I can’t afford therapy anymore than I can afford to piss away euros on woolly socks and knickers when I get off the plane in Shannon; maybe I can retrain my brain by virtually packing Ireland-appropriate clothing and gear here from time to time (so I can save my pennies for less-practical shopping when I land!)

For now, here's my no-frills basic packing list:

(1.) a hat (2.) pair of practical walking shoes (3.) pair of less-practical dancing shoes (4.) socks (this may be a no-brainer for most people, but I always neglect to pack socks and then have to listen to my mother tell me I'll get a "cold in my kidneys" for the whole trip!) (5.) light jacket (6.) hooded sweatshirt (7.) jeans––good for day and night (8.) layering tees/tops (9.) long/short jersey dress––this can be dressed up or down with accessories (10.) warm pjs (11.) waterproof bag (12.) frills! yes, please do pack statement accessories like scarves and jewelry to style your basics (Irish people are very stylish so make an effort!)

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Annmarie said...

this is great! i so relate. i moved to ireland from new york when i was 12 and i still don't own waterproofs or a decent sweater. i live in perpetual hope that one day...we may all relive the summer of 95 when it was 85 degrees everyday. that wish has yet to materialise.

great blog! xx

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