Mar 19, 2009

Bono Has An Edge

When I first saw Bono on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone magazine, I thought, "well, no wonder the poor man is always wearing glasses with those dark circles under his eyes." I quickly flicked to the article, hoping to read that he plans to shift his energies from Africa's poor, to the poor and undercircled among us, hiding our eyes in shame, starved of effective concealers.
My mind was racing at the idea...Bono could throw his weight around in the UN, and surely the "raccoon look" could be pushed to the top of the endangered species list. We'd get the world's best brains thinking beyond the cucumber slice and soggy tea-bag cures, and Bono would get his Nobel Peace Prize.

Turns out Bono's wearing eyeliner.

You heard me.
And upon closer scrutiny, there's a little eye-opening iridescent silver highlighter under the browbone and at the corner of the eye, too. I think I can even detect a high-definition lash-separating volume-increasing mascara, or rather, mancara.
Bono's been playing with the wife's makeup bag. That, or his new single Get On Your Boots documents his discoveries at Boots' beauty counter.
He says he's trying out an edgy new character for the upcoming tour, like the much-leathered Fly and devil-horned MacPhisto characters he played with on U2's Zoo TV tour.
Well, best case scenario he'll make it cool to have black undereyes.
Worst case scenario, Irish men everywhere will be borrowing our eyeliners...